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Techticks take pride in our strong capability for designing and engineering robust softwares using mobile, web and cloud technologies. Specialising in custom web applications, intuitive mobile apps, and robust data mining techniques, our team creates digital solutions that impact lives across the globe.

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We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.


We have multi-disciplined iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile app development teams supporting all your requirements under one roof.


We create professionally designed web apps precisely tailored to your requirements.


We build new and portable AWS-Native Applications.


We transform your organization by implementing a DevOps culture and competency set.


We create web scraping solutions that efficiently gather the data you need and provide useful insights to add value to your business.

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We create websites and mobile apps, marketing materials, branding, web design, UX/UI design and illustrations.


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Our Process

Planning and analysis

Business requirements are compiled and analyzed by a business analyst, domain expert, and project manager. The business analyst interacts with stakeholders to develop the business requirements document. They also write use cases and share this information with the project team. The aim of the requirements analysis is for quality assurance, technical feasibility, and to identify potential risks to address in order for the software to succeed.

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Designing the product architecture

During the design phase, lead developers and technical architects create the initial high-level design plan for the software and system. This includes the delivery of requirements used to create the Design Document Specification (DDS). This document details database tables to be added, new transactions to be defined, security processes, as well as hardware and system requirements.

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Developing and coding

In this phase, the database admin creates and imports the necessary data into the database. Programming languages are defined by requirements. Developers create the interface as per the coding guidelines and conduct unit testing. This is an important phase for developers. They need to be open-minded and flexible if any changes are introduced by the business analyst.

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Testers test the software against the requirements to make sure that the software is solving the needs addressed and outlined during the planning phase. All tests are conducted as functional testing, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and non-functional testing.

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